Frequently Asked Questions​

Yes. We’ll be glad to help you. Please take a moment however to review the FAQ, where the answers to
the vast majority of your questions can already be found. That will save you time instead of waiting for a reply.
Contact info to rvisual can be found here in the FAQ.

Yes you do, because you will be able to download all of your products anytime from your profile at our store.

No, it is just a digital download product that you receive by e-mail.
In your own interest, we recommend backing up the product.

Always immediately after payment, our system sends an email confirmation of payment and a link for downloading the purchased product.

Our system always sends an email immediately after payment. If you have not received it, please check your SPAM folder.

Yes, the license for our products includes personal and commercial use. It therefore does not matter
whether you use them only in your personal video, or easily e.g. in a television commercial or a movie.

One purchased product includes a license for one individual or one business. But you can install it on up to 2 PCs.
If you need to install the product on more PCs, please purchase additionally according to the required amount.

Don’t worry, no consignment will be sent to your address. But providing us the address is essential for us to
comply with statutory documentation requirements for accounting and monthly reporting of taxes.

Yes. It is necessary for sending you your purchased product. We recommend you also create an account prior
to purchasing. This way you can download the product from your account at any time in the ‘downloads’ section.

These products work on both PC and MAC. The installation procedure is the same and differs only in the source path
of the directory where the product is copied. You can always find the source path in the video description

No. All our products work with either the free version or the paid version of Davinci Resolve Studio.

Yes, when ordering please fill out your business information. You will then receive an email with a valid invoice for your accounting.

Yes, all prices on the site are final and since we are VAT payers, we include the fee given by your country.
If you are purchasing a product on the company’s account and you are also VAT payers, please include
your VAT ID when ordering and the tax will be automatically deducted from the purchase order.

Each of our products contains instructions in the ’READ ME FIRST’ document.” Please follow our
official instructions step by step and it will lead you to the guaranteed functionality. We don’t recommend
following instructions from third parties. They often contain process errors or are obsolete.
All our official instructions can also be found in the tutorials section or on our YouTube Channel.

If according to the instructions, you do not see the folder for transitions, you must not have a current version of Davinci Resolve. This product requires a minimum of Davinci Resolve 16.2 or higher. The new version can be downloaded for free
from the official Blackmagic Design website, and after installation, this folder will appear. Then just continue with official step-by-step instructions.

Where sounds are located and how to import and work with them can all be learned through our official instructions.

All transition packs contain sounds except “Smartpacks”. Smartpacks do not contain sounds.
If you need to choose a product also with sound design, please read the product description before buying.

Individual fps support can be found in the description of each product. All products requiring Davinci Resolve 16.2
support any framerate without limits. They are only limited in older products such as Camera Move (original) and Hybrid Jpeg.

Unless the given product description indicates otherwise, products are not limited to any resolution.

You can Increase the render speed by decreasing your framerate, or resolution, on the timeline. For example, if you are working in 3840 x 2160 resolution, your render can take twice as long as 1920×1080. Also if your timeline fps is set to 60p, your render will take more time – double the 30p timeline as in the previous case. If you are working with the free version of Davinci Resolve, keep in mind that this version does not support GPU acceleration for all tools as required by transitions. This is why renders take longer than they do using the paid Davinci Resolve Studio version.

This is because the default sound library is set to “Fairlight Sound Library”. First hit the down arrow key, then select another library. For example, your default project database called “Local Database”. Now you can hit the import button and continue with the tutorial.

This is because you’ve imported sound effects into another library. Please select the right one,
or import sound effects again into your current sound library.

This is not software but only so-called “presets”. It is therefore impossible that they would not function through any fault of our own, and if they are not working for you, you probably made some mistake somewhere in the installation process. Since this is a digital product that you have purchased and already downloaded, it cannot be refunded. You may contact us with an attached recording of your screen to see what is happening. This is the quickest way to get back with you and advise you. To record your screen, you can use any software or possibly your cell phone. Just make sure that everything is legible/visible.

We will be happy to send you an alternative download link. Please email us with your invoice attached or
using the email registered upon payment. We will then upload your product ASAP via e.g. Google Drive.

In this case, you apparently first purchased the product and only later created your account. So the product purchased is not
linked to your account. Please contact us with the received document and we will help you link the product with your account.

You can contact us by our contact form, please be sure to include the full name of the product with which you need help.
When it comes to matters like downloads, please attach the invoice sent to your email, or at least a screenshot of the PayPal or credit card payment.